Skin hydration starts from the inside out. If you're not inputting enough water or liquids, you can't expect your skin to shed or desquamate properly which causes alot of skin issues. Proper hydration happens from both the inside and out and can help solve many issues pertaining to the skin. Drinking water can help with skin hydration but a great toner containing cucumber can help. Reasons for a lack of water are: low water intake, medications, chronological age, any present skin conditions. Many of these skin conditions can be taken care of by upping the amount of water, tea (not sweet), and other hydrating liquids. Toner helps the skin to keep the hydration from evaporating quickly and giving your skin surface balance to shed as needed.

Rebekah Jones is a licensed esthetician and expert in helping you find balance for your mind, body and soul. As your health coach, I can help you to obtain get healthy skin from the inside out.

Disclaimer: This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Results may vary with each individual.

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