At Soteria Wellness, our philosophy is to "help you find balance, mind, body and soul." We believe that most skin problems are a reflection of an imbalanced lifestyle. Our services are more than just a treatment; it is therapy for you as a whole person. We want only the best results for our clients!


We specialize in all types of skin treatments. Acne therapy, Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Chemical peels, Dermaplaning, and skin treatments specifically for teenagers and men. Our goal is to have you leave with a treatment plan you can trust and products to help maintain your goals at home!

How are you accomplishing what you claim to do?

We aim to help busy people find balance in their lives through different avenues such as coaching, relaxation and physical wellbeing. Our clients tout our results by coming back again and again and referring their family and friends!

When did you start doing what you’re doing?

With so much negativity in the world and a clamor for always wanting more, Rebekah strives to help her clients find stability across all avenues of life mentally, physically and spiritually. With a background in psychology and counseling, I have a heart for people and helping them find the best parts of their life to live on a daily basis. We only have one life to live so it's best to figure things out early in the game before wasting years on those things of non-importance.

What's in a name? 

When people see and say the word Soteria, they of course ask what it means. During the conception of this business, I wanted to convey my thoughts of what I want others to feel and experience once they step foot inside of Soteria Wellness. The name Soteria is of Greek origin and means deliverance, preservation, a place of safety and salvation. When you step inside the doors of Soteria, our mission is to ensure that you do not leave the same. We want your mind and heart to be at ease and though we may not be able to rescue you from all of the perils of life, we endeavor to strengthen your hope to live your best life!



Noun Feminine


1. deliverance, preservation, safety, salvation a. deliverance from the molestation of enemies b. in an ethical sense, that which concludes to the souls safety or salvation.

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